Monday, December 8, 2008

Pittadjis Decmber 9th Weather here in Cyprus

Wow what great weather for December.

Yes we need rain, but what better weather or place to spend Christmas!

Here in Cyprus

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Cyprus Junior Eurovision 2008 Pittadjis

Pittadjis writes:-

There are various events planned throughout the week to keep the Junior Eurovision participants entertained around rehearsals.

There is a Welcome Parade and Party in Limmassol, and a disco at the Euroclub on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 20:00-22:00 in the Atlantica Miramare Beach Hotel.

Members of the Press can only enter the Spyros Kyprianou Arena to view individual rehearsals and Dress Rehearsal 1 on Friday November 21st.

Entry to Dress Rehearsals 2 & 3 and to the Final is permitted only with valid tickets.

The Press can also follow rehearsals throughout the week on a large plasma screen in the Press Centre.

Entry to the Arena during technical rehearsals, rehearsals with presenters and certain other rehearsals will not be permitted.

Monday 17th November
09:00-17:00 Shooting of postcards and recording of UNICEF song. Location: Atlantica Miramare Beach Hotel, Limmassol
17:45-22:00 Limassol Parade & Welcome Party Location: Parade along the Limassol seafront to the Carob Mill. Members of the Press are welcome.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wagerlogic Funds Rotary Club Nicosia Cyprus

The Rotary Club of Nicosia-Aspelia has received the support and funding from WagerLogic Ltd., a Cyprus-based online leisure services company, to help in two major projects – purchasing a mini-bus for cancer patients and matching the Rotary Foundation’s international appeal to eradicate polio.
Staff taking part in the WagerLogic Human Resources Philanthropy programme raised more than 1300 euros over a period of two months and donated the money to various charities through to the Rotary Club of Nicosia-Aspelia.
The first amount of 950 euros was collected by auctioning off old company phones to the employees and the donation went to one of the club’s global initiatives to eradicate polio, by matching the $100 million donation pledged by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
The second amount of 360 euros was raised at a WagerLogic company event for breast cancer awareness and was handed to the Rotary Club Nicosia-Aspelia for their initiative to buy a minibus for the Arodaphnousa Centre to transport cancer patients from Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca and other towns to Nicosia for weekly treatments.
Pictured – from left to right – Taleen Tchalikian, Human Resources Director at WagerLogic, Marianna Trokkoudes, President Rotary Club Nicosia-Aspelia, and Androulla Christodoulou, Snr. Human Resources Officer at WagerLogic.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great weather for October pittadjis Cyprus


What great weather we are having for October. Hre again today on the 30th October we have great sunshine of 28c and not a cloud in the Sky.

Ok, the swimming pool is cold, but the sea is warm. What a wonderful place to be in the Winter....Cyprus

Pittadjis Law Firm
fotos pittadjis , pittadjis

Fotos G. Pittadjis, the creator of the company and our senior partner, graduated in 1999 at Exeter University (L.L.B) with honors, and joined the Cyprus Bar Association in 2002. Mr Pittadjis as a barrister took up some of the most serious criminal cases in Cyprus with great success. Since 2003 he created the property and conveyance department as well and he is the head of the whole firm.

Pittadjis on Recession – The Survivors

Having talks with local and online businesses it soon becomes clear who the likely survivors of the recession are or are likely to be.

Online businesses, when properly structured have a great resilience to “credit crunches” and financial downturn. This is due to a few simple factors.

1) Their financial outlay normally occurs at the beginning of their “life” e.g. web design, hosting, marketing and SEO

2) Their operating overheads are much lower and flexible

3) They can adapt to change very quickly, e.g. news articles can be posted quickly, items can be reduced or restocked instantly

So lets look at the business sectors within the online community and see who’s performing well and why?

Poker – Global Student Poker -  This is a fascinating setup. This website is an affiliate for the main company Global Students Poker so their operating overheads are low and each referral they make is potentially money in the bank.

Boom? Yes, because both the main and affiliate site are targeting a student audience, which is mainly unaffected by the current financial crisis.

Marketing – OKPush – this I found by investigating the marketing company behind the poker site OKBusiness Group. and you will see from their client list alone it is a boom time for these guys.

Boom? Yes, low overheads. Also when you consider the many millions of non-performing websites out there. Web site owners are now re-assessing this online presence and trying to get more bang for the Euro. If they can achieve a better online presence, a stronger foothold in Google or MSN then companies can reduce their traditional marketing efforts, while still maintaining their brand presence.

Just in these two isolated examples, you can see the way forward is really, sitting tight, riding the storm and making your business work smarter not harder.


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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Weather today in CYPRUS - PITTADJIS

Hi no video today as I didn;t have the camera this morning.

It was lovely and sunny with a steady wind. However, now we are the victim of Grey Skies, very much like that of an English Winter night...or is it a Summer's night :-)

I will update you tommorow


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cyprus Weather - 26th October - Pittadjis


As promised in my previous blog, I have uploaded the latest weather video.

Taken at Liopetri Forest this morning in Cyprus, with Clear Blue Skies and temperatues of 28c.


Pittadjis Law Firm - A Victim's Story - PITTADJIS

Pittadjis are a law firm in Cyprus.

This website is here as they helped me in my court case.

If after viewing these videos you feel you can help us in any way please get in touch.

For more information regarding my case you can go to my main website F. Pittadjis Law Firm

Pittadjis are a law firm in Cyprus.
This website is here as they helped me in my court case.
If after viewing these videos you feel you can help us in any way please get in touch.
For more information regarding my case you can go to my main website F. Pittadjis Law Firm

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Romana recently introduced "yes-no" boys Fotos Pitađisa with family, but the wedding is nothing Da li Romana Panić želi sebi ili javnosti da dokaže kako nikada nije dobila šut kartu od „jeste-nije dečka“ Fotosa Pitađisa, zna samo ona, mada ni kiparski advokat ne beži od njenih migova. Do you want self Panić Romana or the public to prove that never got shot ticket of "yes-no boys" Fotos Pitađisa, only she knows, although not Cyprian lawyer does not bezi of its migova. Naime, u estradnim kuloarima, ali i medijima, nedavna poseta ovog dvojca Romaninoj rodnoj Banjaluci shvaćena je kao konačno pomirenje, pa čak i najava skorog venčanja.

Namely, estradnim kuloarima, and the media, the recent visit of the dvojca Romaninoj the birthplace of Banja Luka has been understood as a final reconciliation, and even the recent announcement of the wedding. Ali, prema tvrdnjama našeg izvora koji je želeo da ostane anoniman, ni Pitađis, a ni Panićeva, nemaju nameru da se jedno drugom zakunu na vernost, pošto u njihovom odnosu - nema vernosti: But, according to the sources of our who wished to remain anonymous, or Pitađis, and the Panić, do not have the intention to one another on the loyalty oath, as in their relationship - no vernosti: - Romana je nedavno Fotosa, s kojim se iks puta sastajala i rastajala, odvela u svoj rodni grad. - Romana recently Fotos, with which the X-times meet and parting, odvela in his native city. Po pričama s one strane Drine, pevačica je Kipranina upoznala s prijateljima, a trešnjica na torti bila je gozba u njenom domu i predstavljanje mami, što je čaršiji bilo dovoljno da ih već vidi pred oltarom - priča nas sagovornik: According to stories across the Drina, the singer introduced with Cypriote friends, and Trešnjica the cakes was the feast in the house and representation mother, which is čaršiji enough to already see the altar - the story us speaker: - Međutim, njihov odnos je pravi lavirint. - However, their relationship is a labyrinth. Zlobnici tvrde da od svadbe nema ništa i pored silnih najava. Zlobnica claim that the wedding has nothing despite great announcement. Razlog tome je navodna Romanina tiha patnja, izvesni beogradski hirurg s kojim se, kako se šuška, tajno viđa. This is alleged Romanina quiet suffering, some Belgrade surgeon with whom, as a rustle, a secret he saw. Istovremeno, drugi se „kunu“ da je već izvesno vreme u (ne)obaveznoj šemi s jednim crnogorskim biznismenom. At the same time, the second "kuna" is already a time (do not) Required scheme with a Montenegrin businessman. I pored toga što su Panićeva i Pitađis posle raskida najpre uhvaćeni u jednom novosadskom hotelu, da bi ih posle toga naš paparaco upecao u jednom beogradskom restoranu, Fotos se kleo da je s pevačicom samo u prijateljskim odnosima, jer je veran svojoj izabranici Jovani i ćerkici Neseli s kojima deli krov nad glavom. Despite the fact that the Panić and Pitađis dropped after first caught in Novi Sad hotel to them after our paparaco upecao in a Belgrade restaurant, Photos to be kleo with pevačicom only in friendly relations, because it is faithful to his chosen Jovani and ćerkici Nese which divides the roof over his head. Priče o skorom sudbonosnom da samo su čaršijska prepredanja. Stories about the faith to score only čaršijska prepredanja. Jer, podsećanja radi, advokat je po objavljivanju raskida obelodanio da ima novu ljubav i klinče, dok je Panićeva tvrdila da su se sporazumno razišli pošto nisu imali ista gledišta u vezi s nekim životnim pitanjima. For Podsecanja, the lawyer for the publication revealed that it has closed a new love and chest, while the Panić argued that the agreement because they had separated the same views with regard to some of life issues. Biće da u kuloarskim pričama o obostranom neverstvu i te kako ima istine i da je to glavni razlog što nikako da uhvate „isti korak“. Will be to the mutual kuloarskim stories and Neverstvo and how is the truth and that is the main reason why not to take "the same step." Jedno je sigurno - ako poverujemo u tračarenja, lepo je i Romani i Fotosu jer imaju „rezervne igrače“ kojima po želji i potrebi mogu da polete u zagrljaj. One thing is for sure - if you believe in tracarenje, nice and Romani and Fotos because they have "spare players" which by the desire and need to fly to embrace.
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

PITTADJIS - Making a Will in Cyprus - FOTOS PITTADJIS

One of the most important yet overlooked areas of purchasing a property in Cyprus is the drafting a Will. The drafting of a Will can be deemed boring due to the high volume of “legal jargon” used and making any decisions about a subject as touchy as death can seem morbid and a little pessimistic. The subject of death is a very sensitive issue, but if a little time is dedicated now to what will happen after your death, a lot of complications and expensive legal fees can be spared for those loved ones you leave behind.

The next few paragraphs will detail the Law as it stands in Cyprus for Cypriot Nationals and UK Nationals resident in Cyprus. I have limited the amount of legal jargon and believe me when I say that a little knowledge in this area can have huge benefits, so here goes:

Cypriots cannot dispose, by Will, the whole of their estate if they have a spouse, child, grandchild or parent at their time of death. According to Cyprus Law, the undisputable amount of estate left is:

75% - if the deceased has left a spouse and child or descendant of a child (grandchild) or child or descendant of a child (great grandchild).

50% - if the deceased has left a spouse or parent but not a child or descendant of a child. If no spouse, child, parent or grandchild is left, the deceased can dispose by Will 100% of their estate. For any person regardless of their domicile who was born or whose Father was born in the UK or in any Country who is a member of the Commonwealth this “forced heirship” rule does not apply and no statutory limitation exists. Other foreigners can dispose freely of their movables regardless of their domicile.

A Will made in the UK referring to Cyprus property may be valid in Cyprus but, upon the death of the of the “Testator/Testatrix” (the person who has a will which is effective at the time of his/her death) the “Grant of Probate” (an official document which executors may need in order that they can administer the estate) must first be obtained in the UK and then “re-sealed” in Cyprus. If no executor has been appointed by the deceased the Cyprus Court will have to appoint one on their behalf.

These matters obviously take a lot of time to resolve and will cause long delays and expensive costs and expenses for the beneficiaries.For any UK residents who have not made a Cyprus Will and covered all their foreign investments and property within their UK Will, all movables and immovables will then be deemed liable to UK Inheritance Tax (IHT). For UK Nationals whose total worldwide estate exceeds £300,000GBP the IHT due will be 40%, for example:
If your worldwide estate totals:

• £400,000GBP your Inheritance Tax due will be: £40,000GBP

• £600,000GBP your Inheritance Tax due will be: £120,000GBP

• £1,000,000GBP your Inheritance Tax due will be: £280,000GBP

(Please note that these figures are correct as at the time of issue, but are subject to change. These figures are to be used as a guideline only).

Please be aware there is no Inheritance Tax in Cyprus.
Under Cyprus Law if your estate in Cyprus is settled under your instructions bequeathed in a Will drawn up in Cyprus, no IHT is due.

Taking a little time now to calculate these costs can save a huge amountof time and money for your beneficiaries after your death.

I hope you can now see the importance of having a Will made in Cyprus to protect you from the hidden expenses, lengthy delays and unnecessary tax costs which could be incurred upon your death and although nobody likes to broach the subject, it is of paramount importance.

Wills are not a complicated subject if you obtain the right legal advice and assistance and while you may have been apprehensive about legal matters occurring after your death, you can be secure in the knowledge that your Will can be executed by PITTADJIS ADVOCATES to your precise specifications and wishes without incurring extra expenses and costs for the beneficiaries.

For further information, help and advice on Inheritance Tax for UK Nationals, please contact HM Revenue and CustomsHM Revenue & Customs(+44 115 9743009 from outside the UK)

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lawyer Fotos Pittadjis

Buying a property in Cyprus or investing money on the island can be exciting but at the same time, very complicated. Good legal guidance should be the paramount consideration for any prospective purchaser or investor.

As the senior partner of F. Pittadjis Law Firm, which is one of the largest law firms in Cyprus and prominent in Conveyancing, I consider it an obligation to give to my clients the best guidance possible and as much information possible regarding purchasing a property in Cyprus or investing money in any other way.

This web site is informative for my clients and associates, and through it, I intend to offer a high degree of clarity about sensitive and important aspects of conveyancing in Cyprus.

This is a new web site and I would like to thank my associates for their contribution and my loyal staff who have worked hard to make this first possible.
I hope you find the information given useful.

Fotos Pittadjis

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